Definition and technical parameters of power cord

Definition of power cord:
A power cord is a wire that transmits current. The way current is normally transmitted is point-to-point. Power cables can be divided into AC power cables and DC power cables according to their uses. Generally, AC power cables pass through AC cables with high voltage. Such cables can be formally produced by the safety certification party with unified standards due to high voltage. And DC line is basically through low voltage DC, so the safety requirements are not strict AC line, but for the sake of safety, countries still require unified safety certification.

Technical standards:
The choice of power line is carried out in accordance with a number of principles, the so-called can not be a chapter, reflection is not invented out of thin air, power line is also so. The quality and appearance requirements are also implemented in accordance with the power cable certification regulations. The power cable shall be manufactured according to the following principles
(1) In accordance with sdJ161-85 power System Design Technical Regulations issued by the Ministry of Electricity
The cross section of dc power line should be selected.
(2) Technical Specification for design of 110-500kV Overhead transmission Line DL/T5092-1999;
(3) Technical Guidelines for HVDC Overhead Transmission Lines DL436-2005.
Specifications and models of wires and cables
RV: copper conductor vinyl chloride insulated connection cable (wire).
AVR: tinned copper core PE insulated flat connection flexible cable (wire).
RVB: copper conductor PVC flat connecting wire.
RVS: copper conductor PVC stranded connecting wire.
RVV: copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible circular connection cable.
ARVV: tinned copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flat connection flexible cable.
RVVB: copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flat connection flexible cable.
Rv-105: copper core heat resistant 105. C PVC insulated PVC insulated connection flexible cable.
Af-205afs-250 AFP-250: Silver plated polychloroethylene fluoroplastic insulation high temperature resistant -60. C – 250. C Connect the flexible cable.

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