Application and requirements of rubber plastic power cord

Application scope:
Connections and internal power lines for power, lighting, electrical installations, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment with rated AC voltages up to and including 450/750V.

General requirements: economic and durable, simple structure.

Special requirements:
1) Outdoor laying, affected by sunlight, rain and freezing conditions, requires atmospheric resistance, especially solar aging resistance; Cold resistance requirements in cold regions;

2) In use, easy to be damaged by external forces or flammable, contact with oil on many occasions should wear pipe; When the pipe is pierced, the power cord is subjected to a large tension and may be scratched, so lubrication measures should be taken.

3) For the internal use of electrical equipment, when the installation position is small, there should be a certain flexibility, and the insulation core should be clear color separation, should be matched with the corresponding connector terminal and plug, to make the connection convenient and reliable; For occasions requiring electromagnetic protection, shielded power lines should be used;

4) For the occasion of high ambient temperature, the sheath rubber power cord should be used; Heat resistant rubber power cord for special high temperature applications.

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